2.2 - Testing & Modification

Run NumberTest Run 1Test Run 2Test Run 3
Total time of test run / s2.8s2.5s3.4s
Total distance of test run / m22 cm31 cm270 cm
Observation 1: Was the car in steady and stable motion throughout?yesyesyes
Observation 2:
Was the car moving in a straight line mostly?
Observation 3:
Did lever and string operate smoothly as well as expected?
State 1 area for modification.Cut away parts of the foam to prevent the string from cutting into the foamadd masking tape to wheels to improve tractionattach string to axel
State rationale(s) for the above proposed modification.String is cutting into chassis and stopping the wheel.to grip on road.to increase transfer of power from mousetrap to wheel
All modifications should be clearly documented along with rationales and photographs.

Modification 1: Cutting away parts off the foam board to stop the string from cutting into the foam board
This is to reduce friction to let the string move more freely allowing for more of the energy from the mousetrap to be transferred to the axel to move the wheel.

Modification 2: Adding tape to the wheels to improve traction 
Adding the tape increases the friction between the wheels and the road allowing for more of the energy be used to move the mousetrap car forward instead of the wheels just sliding around.

Modification 3: Directly attach string to axel using tape
This allows for greater transfer of power between the string and axel instead of the string just spinning round the axel

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