3.2 - Post-testing Discussion

Answer the following guiding questions after completing the final assessment:
  • Using your data table from 3.1, calculate the average velocity for your mousetrap car during the best run in the final assessment.
  • Which part of your mousetrap car design worked best? Explain your answer.
The extension for the string worked the best. It helped to increase the length of the string to help the car travel further. The attachment of the extension to the mousetrap arm was not rigid but flexible. This help to prevent our car from flipping over when the mouse trap snapped
  • If you had more time to work on your mousetrap car, state and explain how you will improve/modify the current design?
Use only 1 front wheel and put the front wheel further in front of the main body of the car. This will help with the stability of the car and also decrease its weight so that the car can travel further.
Increase the extension of level arm and use a stronger but thinner piece of string. With a longer level arm, We can make the wheels turn more, increasing the distance the car can travel. Using the stronger will make it easier to wind up the string and will reduce the weight of the car.

All answers must be supported by sound scientific reasoning and relevant Physics concepts (if applicable).

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